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In fact, here are three events you can plug into within the next week!

  1. 1T Day: On April 25th student loan debt will reach 1 trillion dollars! Along with other cities, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC are rallying against the profiteers who have burdened students and graduates around the country with debt.
  2. The Takeover of Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting: On April 24th the 99% are shutting down Wells Fargo’s Annual Shareholder Meeting in San Francisco at the Merchants Exchange Building.
  3. Protest the BOA Shareholder Meeting: On May 9th the Rainforest Action Network, along with other organizations, are protesting at the Bank of America headquarters for their annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC.

This campaign has three core parts:

1. A demand for divestment from the Wall Street banks.
2. A call for the new economic paradigm of real community investment.
3. Taking the first step towards a responsible endowment.

we’re here to show you how >>

Move Our Money Toolkit is a simple, step-by-step guide to implementing a community investment initiative at your school. It includes sample proposals, op-eds, and other publicity materials, an FAQ, a primer on how to find out more about community banking in your area, and everything else you need to know.


Students Claim Victories Nationwide

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If you moved your money on Bank Transfer Day, your school can too!

Over the past decade, while the big banks have been faltering, defrauding, and getting bailed out, community investment has grown from a $4 billion dollar industry to a $25 billion industry. Some universities have taken notice, but most have not – simply because nobody has yet stood up and demanded that it be so!

Students across the country are telling their schools to break up with the big banks and bringing community investment to their campuses.

The following schools agreed to begin moving their money

  • Duke University
  • Fordham University
  • Harvard University
  • Macalaster College
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Seattle University
  • Tufts University
  • University of Cincinatti
  • University of Louisville

Peralta Community College is following in the example of the City of Berkley and City of Austin and passed a resolution to completely break up with Wall Street Banks!

To find out more check out our Success Stories.

Why Should Your School Move Its Money?

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Big banks take our universities’ money and use it to

  • Help finance predatory, high-cost, student loans and lobby to change laws in congress to benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%
  • Fund mountaintop removal coal mining
  • Provide predatory loans to low-income people
  • Produce high fees on credit cards
  • Support lobbying to bend and break time-tested laws
  • Finance risky investments in derivatives

Community development financial institutions, like credit unions and community banks have missions to

  • Lend to residents and local businesses who want to improve their communities in socially positive and sustainable ways
  • Provide financial services to under-served populations
  • Focus on affordable housing, small business creation, environmental issues, empowerment of women and minorities

Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Interested in doing a Teach In at your school? Here’s a Move Our Money Teach In Script we’ve created!

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