“Move Your Money, Enact Change” in California

In Blog on February 15, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Berkeley students call on the University of California to move their money:

So we call upon Cal students to move our money, and to do it now. The ASUC, University of California Student Association, Peralta City Colleges (which includes Berkeley City College), the Berkeley Rent Board and the city of Berkeley itself have recently voted to take steps to move their combined hundreds of millions of dollars out of large banks. Because we are unbeholden to mortgages and uniquely mobile, young people comprise the majority of money-movers, and we can actively pressure the UC system to follow our lead. Our ability to create change within the state and the UC system is predicated not only on our ability to lobby legislators in Sacramento but also on our choices as consumers. What’s more insidious — the fact that food deserts exist as close as Oakland, where one can traverse entire neighborhoods and find liquor stores but no groceries? Or that on each of these blocks is an ATM for a large bank? UCOP clamors for students to turn to Sacramento for structural change to fund our education, but students can turn to their own wallets and demand the same of UC Berkeley and the regents.


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