The Responsible Endowments Coalition is proud to stand with a nationwide coalition of partner organizations working to move our country away from the failed practices of Wall Street and towards just and sustainable community investment. These organizations include:

The Move Your Money Project is a campaign geared towards helping individuals transfer their funds out of big Wall Street banks into small community banks and credit unions. They show you how to locate a bank/credit union in your area along with 7 simple steps to move your money.

The New Bottom Line and The Other 98% who are working together on the Move Our Money Campaign to move $1 billion out of big banks, and the Save Our Homes Campaign to receive principal reductions on underwater mortgages.

Earth Quaker Action Team has launched GreenPNC. They demand PNC agrees to stop investing in mountaintop removal coal mining by May 31st 2012 or accounts will begin closing on June 1st.

National People’s Action and their Showdown in America Campaign aims to direct financial reform which holds banks accountable.

PICO National Network is working on a Campaign to Hold Big Banks Accountable to Families & Communities. In regards to their Faithful Banking campaign, clergy and lay leaders are closing their congregation’s accounts with big banks because of their disgraceful foreclosure record.

Rainforest Action Network and their Bank of America Campaign which reveals Bank of America as the lead investor in the coal industry.

The Student Labor Action Project (SLAP), a partner of The United States Students’ Association (USSA) and Jobs with Justice, is fighting against large student loan lenders which are the same banks their universities and student governments deposit their money. In collaboration with the Responsible Endowments Coalition, they are working on tracking Where does your school bank?


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